Organise your fleet with our Last Mile Carrier Tracking software.

Urbantz is an all-in-one delivery management technology designed to organise, control, optimise, and scale your delivery operations from the warehouse or store to the final mile.

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-20% +30%
Average reduction in kilometres driven Increase in vehicle occupancy
-60% -25%
Less calls to drivers Reachable reduction in CO2 emissions per route
Increase in client deliveries successfully managed in Urbantz during the COVID-19 peak period.

*Based on Urbantz's customers cases

All-in-One Last Mile Management Technology

Round Optimisation

Urbantz integrates with any Order Management Systems (OMS), creating delivery rounds in minutes through smart optimisation techniques. You can control multiple fleets, carriers and senders in realtime to save on budgets and time.
Real-Time Tracking & Customer Notifications
Urbantz allows you to automatically send personalised messages to customers about their delivery, including precise ETA, real-time tracking links and other details. These features let your drivers concentrate on the road and reduce the Customer Support team's workload.
In-App Guidance & Customer Smart Alerts
Our driver app allows drivers to complete delivery tasks accurately and quickly. Pick-up errors are reduced thanks to our built in barcode scanner. Drivers are guided seamlessly from point A-B with route, traffic updates, alerts and delivery instructions.
Ticketing System

Quickly resolve disputes between drivers, carriers, customer support or delivery management with the realtime ticketing system built to raise and deal with any issues that might happen prior, during or after delivery.
Multiple System API Integration
Urbantz integrates with any ERP, CRM or OMS system via API or other options. This integration creates an automated flow between your own systems and Urbantz, ensuring real-time sending and receiving of order data.
Analytics & Insights

Business intelligence, custom reports and statistics about your delivery operations. Your delivery data is collected in realtime and is transformed into visual reports giving management realtime insight to make decisions.

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Optimise, control and reduce the cost of your deliveries

Last mile delivery management is more than round optimisation. Urbantz's all-in-one platform combines round creation and optimisation, real-time tracking and status updates, making it easier to manage drivers and carriers. Together with other features, the platform's support ticketing system increases your visibility and control over operations.


The dynamic optimisation algorithm reduces the kilometres covered per round by up to 20% and helps optimise the capacity available in each vehicle, increasing occupancy by 30%.


Operate several fleets, owned or outsourced, with different vehicles (trucks, vans, bicycles, e-scooters, etc.) and adjust your delivery to local regulations and customer needs. Add, split, or remove rounds whenever you need it.


The data gathered in realtime from your network gives you powerful insight into your delivery operations. When analysed this shows efficiencies and more importantly deficiencies in your current delivery flows. This data combined with AI algorithms provides the key to improving your network output.


All the information your driver needs is in a smartphone

A powerful Mobile App brings you real-time control and visibility over the rounds and helps drivers with their tasks


The application updates the driver about all aspects of the delivery, from the scanning of the parcels during the load of the vehicle to the digital POD: photo, signature or scan.

Drivers also receive updated info on traffic and tasks, allowing for last minute change and dynamic communication with the dispatcher.


The platform allows you to push information to the drivers in real-time at the same time that collects data from the field (damaged packages, proof of delivery, delays, real-time location, etc.)



The app's tracking function transmits real-time location updates to the control centre and to the final recipient (just like Uber), reducing the number of calls to drivers by 60%.

An intuitive and easy-to-use app allows you to onboard and support new drivers and carriers without extra training.


Real-time data transfer

Automatically synchronize orders, tasks, and the information from your CRM, ERP or OMS with Urbantz via powerful APIs, via FTP or other custom setups.

Urbantz's flexibility allows easy integration with all types of systems to ensure the efficient digital transformation of your delivery operations.

"It is easy to scale your business operations with the help of a tool such as Urbantz, it allows you to integrate new clients and add new flows fast and easily. I believe having a last-mile solution like Urbantz is essential for all kinds of B2B and B2C delivery services. They would all benefit from adding technology to their businesses."
"For some of our customers, the fact that we’re using a platform like Urbantz is considered a step forward. Today we’re able to use it as a competitive advantage. Recently we closed a deal with a customer, who wanted to see the real-time journey of the order and proof of delivery but didn’t have such functionality with their current carrier. In this case, we were able to present Urbantz’s functionality as a convincing argument."
"Since we have been using URBANTZ with our transport partner E-DELIV, we have seen a 60% reduction of the number of phone calls made with drivers regarding a delivery or a pick-up, allowing us to focus on other tasks."

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